Proteus ERP




Human Resources

Email Marketing

Customizable Platform
We have the solution for you
Proteus excels in the following areas:
Client and Vendor Management (CRM)
POS & Financial Management
Inventory Control Processes
Electronic Document Storage
Proteus transforms way you see business:
Real Time Visibility
Reporting Capabilities
Customer Management
Dramatic Cost Savings
Seamless Integration

Proteus is an online fully functional ERP with a very low entry price point. With all of the CRM, Accounting, Inventory management and ecommerce and/or POS capabilities, this is the only software your business needs to be successful.

Our system not only works for most companies "out of the box" but if you have a custom need, why go through years of development and a fortune for a custom system when we can use our customizable platform to help you grow your business without limitations?

Even if you have a basic need for an ecommerce site, we can get you up and running in no time at all and for a very affordable price using our customizable platform and time tested shopping cart.

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