How many minutes does it take you to process an online order?  

If an order takes more than 2 minutes, then it is taking too long!

The E-commerce back-end is for maintaining and managing an e-commerce store. With the ability to plug in Proteus to your website, the site will now have an all inclusive system.  With the ability to  manage your website items, inventory tracking, shipping processing, secure payment portals,and accounting.  No more migrating data to other programs, Proteus will do it all in one.

The e-commerce module can be used by designer and programmers as the foundation for the website to be built upon.  

By using the CRM, you can now manage, market, and maintain customers, leads, and other referral sources in one system.  Proteus has the ability to do email marketing and survey/feedback forms for client relationship maintenance. By adding email collection forms on your websites, you can take inadditional data automatically into Proteus.

Our all inclusive POS system will run an entire store in a more efficient manner. With the web based security for the data and the ability to use the program on almost any PC or MAC, the system will make your life easier to do business.  With the ability to ring orders using an IPAD, mobile phone, ora stationary POS system, we can make your store better.

The system can be stationary or mobile depending on your business model.  The hardware is up to you and can usually be used on your current set up as long as the minimum requirements are met.  If you need hardware, we can provide you with hardware packages that will accommodate your needs.

With the demand for payment plans and segmented payment schedules, Proteus has made the premier billing & invoicing software.  With the ability to manage client databases and to manage their revenue, the system will manage it so you don’t have to.  Whether you accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal or Electronic Checks, Proteus can bill according to client needs.

Manage all areas of your business from one solid platform.  Do you have a niche business with very specific business needs?  Do you use more than software suites to run your business.  Proteus can be a customized platform to run your business from the ground up.  Whether you are in the software,advertising, service, goods, food, or other unique businesses out there, we can be what you need.  Let us build you a custom program for your needs. With the core areas of business being the foundation, we can apply a layer of customization to suit your needs.  The Core areas to be built upon would include; point of sale, inventory, accounting, E-commerce, CRM, & document storage.

Wehave the framework, lets get you a custom program.