David Morris


Morris has over 17 years of experience of building businesses from the ground up.A Visionary, A Programming Genius, A CEO,and a CTO for the PROTEUS420 Brand.This wearer of many hats brings a strong knowledge of business strategy and professional striver for great things, Morris has the innate ability to bridge business gaps with technology and sees the prospect of business limitations and this is where he loves to be.Having been in the Mortgage, Banking, and Technology worlds, he has been named one of the youngest CEO's at 21 and consistently challenges himself daily to build partnerships, build better systems, and grow businesses with his expertise.

"Nobody else is doing that!" explains Morris "A favorite quote of mine is something i tend to live and work by.If no one else is going to take the chance to bring technology to the business we will.It is what I do!"

Dawne Morris


Morris is female counterpart to the CTO and brings 23 years of experience in launching businesses from the start-up to the fortune 10.She has worked in the Medical and Financial worlds for a major part of her life engaging customers, training employees and being the trusted resource for the heads of business.A former "dragon-lady" Morris has the ability to communicate and facilitate growth as well as, strategized for businesses in the Bio-tech, Shipping, and Medical worlds.The last 12 years of business has been a game changer for Morris.After taking all her abilities noted above Morris grew her vision toartistic side she teamed with her husband to build the marketing and public relations side of his visions.

"Soul mates and Business partners don't happen every day" says Morris, "We live, work, and play 100% of the time together and not many people can do that.The natural balance of business and life happens with us together and it explodes as passion through our business!"

Sean Woods


With over 12 years of experience in network assessment, design, installation, security and management, Mr. Woods provides security solutions to a variety of businesses in both the commercial and government sectors.

Mr. Woods is specialized in building and securing networks of all sizes, from 5 users to over 700,000 users, Woods provides a variety of security auditing services for over ten years.With a specialization in SAS 70 and SSAE 16 audits for over 4 years, Woods takes the core security system to a new level.

Mr. Woods holds various network, systems, security and management certifications and they include Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, Sonicwall, Eset, Symantec, and others. Currently, Mr. Woods is finalizing his CISA certification.


Chief of the office

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