Our cloud infrastructure willmanage an entire E-commerce business.  With the ability to have allwebsite, shopping carts, and other revenue centers tied into one, managing yourbusiness is easy from anywhere in the world.

Some of our clients have boutique websites and only sell a few products, and some of our other companies offer more than 10,000 products from multiple catalogs. Not only can you manage all revenue centers from one program, butyou also have the accounting and inventory management included.  No moretransferring data from one program to another to update or process orders. If you do business on the web, Proteus was made to do business with you.

      • E-commerce Websites
      • Drop Shipping Companies
      • Shipping labels and package tracking
      • Monthly recurring billing
      • Inventory tracking & warehouse management
      • Secure payment portals (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, E-check, Paypal)
      • Multi-level marketing infrastructure

Our multi-location model is perfect for franchise operations,Retail POS & website management, and a multi-office company platform. You can use the system how it is, or you can customize the system to makeit fit your business like a glove.  

      • Run multiple locations or revenue centers at one time
      • Customized reporting features across all revenue centers/locations
      • POS, Web & product revenue management, Inventory controls Customer management, Vendor tracking
  • Hardware solutions which include:
    • Point of Sale terminals
    • Cash Drawers
    • Credit card/ID swiping devices
    • Thermal Printers
    • Portable tablets & laptops
    • Tasting Room & Wine Club Management

Wineries need to become more streamlined in today’s market. With the Winery model, the system will manage the tasting rooms, giftshops, allow trade show sales, track wine rep sales, and manage your entirewine club with ease.  From the first time a person samples your wine at anevent or at the winery, with little effort by you, the program will track theperson, inform and educate them about the product, and manage the person’srelationship with the winery.

Ourclients range in size and can scale from the smallest family wineries, to thelargest of producers, we can be fit to your business with ease.  If youhave a winery, our infrastructure will track and organise the entire businessin one program, while you manage the farming and production of wine.

Withthe ability to import all of your previous data, migration to Proteus from yourcurrent program is easy.  


  • Winery Point of Sale system
  • Multi-register/Multi-location capability
  • Tasting room management
  • Mobile Registers for trade shows and events
  • Customer tracking with marketing & newsletter capabilities
  • Online Distributor & Customer ordering sites
  • Driver’s license scanning for automatic data base input
  • Hardware solutions which include:
    • Point of Sale terminals
    • Cash Drawers
    • Credit card/ID swiping devices
    • Thermal Printers
    • Portable tablets & laptops
    • Natural Products Industry
    • Industry Customizable

Does your industry or company have standards that cannot be satisfied by any other programs?  Proteus can be that custom platform to build and maintain excellence.  Most programs can not be customized to suit the end user's needs.  We have a flexible platform that can be used to accommodate any sort of business model or transaction.  With a specialization in business process automation, the custom platform can lower overhead, reduce steps and make your company more efficient.  

Ifyou can think it, Proteus can be customized to accommodate.  Please inquire here to speak with a customer service representative.

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